Women in Mother hood: Kiara

My name is Kiara Nuñez. I am a 27-year-old Dominican mother from Washington Heights. I am a Scorpio and I love expressing myself through my clothes.


Growing up I grew up in Washington Heights then shortly my parents moved to Bedford Park where I grew up and then for middle school we came back to Washington Heights and finally move to Harlem for high school. Growing up my parents as many parents stay try their best to raise three girls. I didn’t have my first pair of Jordans until the 10th grade which living in New York City it’s like unbelievable because everyone has a pair right? So I was very limited with the clothes that I had. Then when I was like 17 my friends were shop at thrift stores for our party outfits the next day and get the flyers clothes for cheap. Being from New York City period you need to be fly at all cost. Other than that clothes give me a chance to express myself and how I’m feeling I always say if I look good I feel good and if I feel good I look good which is very much true.


My passion is creating. I love creating everything and anything but especially through fashion in clothes. I honestly didn’t know I was this passionate about clothes until a couple of years ago where I started collecting vintage designer seriously. I love making a collection of clothes that will never run out of style. I hope to create an express myself in different aspects recently I have been playing with film cameras and capturing my looks that way but would like to venture out and different things like that design and film and motion pictures very soon.


How I nourish the woman and not the mother daughter partner friend is by doing what I need to do to make sure that I’m happy with myself at all times or more realistically at most times. It’s wearing that dress on my day off it’s going to the salon and getting pampered it’s doing my nails for me it’s doing my make up for me doing everything that makes me happy going out with my friends and doing all of this unapologetically knowing that I am still a good mother and daughter partner regardless.