Women in Motherhood: Curlella

I am Corinna. A self healer. An infinite ray of light. A mother to a resilient, marvelous, genius 10 yr. old boy named Jordan. Raised straight out of The Bronx, or what I like to call “The Mecca”. I am Puerto Rican with an ancestry of Mexican, Italian and Native American descent. 


When I’m not on the dance floor or behind a camera modeling I am the Inventory Manager at Savior Worldwide. Having the opportunity to represent a brand built & ran out of my very own community is a blessing. 


I am passionate about community. There is UNITY in commUNITY and it is important that everyone around me feels prominent. Over the past few years philanthropy has become what feels like my purpose. I thrive off human interaction so naturally volunteering and aiding/showing up for my community is truly fulfilling. 


Nourishment like all things takes practice. And you have to PRACTICE the PRACTICE. Daily Affirmations throughout the day are extremely helpful for me. Affirming self in all that I do. Staying present and in gratitude. Time in nature always resets and refills my cup when life seems like too much.