Women in Music: Stefgeeani

Who you are: 
Cultural background: 
Puerto Rican
Where you reside: 
Born and raised in Jersey City
What you do/ your passion(s): 
my background is in event production. That’s what I’m doing currently My passions are community building, music, art, color, and wellness.
What “putting on my free” looks, feels, means to you: 
Putting on my free is so many things. It’s reclaiming my time. Setting boundaries. Being in nature. Reflecting and discovering who I am and what I am daily. Knowing my power. It’s waking up and choosing to live my life intentionally and with purpose. Not allowing the responsibilities of life dictate, control or consume me. It’s simply just being .. and living in every moment present. 
Book Stefgeeani: s.garcedo@gmail.com