Women in Music: Taina Rain

I’m taina rain, a dominirican gal born & raised in the boogie down bronx. music has always been my passion since a young age, especially that both of my parents were music lovers as well. one thing that truly inspires me is my mother, even though she’s not here with my physically, she’s here with me spiritually - and i know she’s so proud i’m doing something we both love! ‘Putting on my free’ means so much to me. Just a few examples are — getting lost in music dancing without a care in the world who’s watching, genuine laughter with the people I love, stepping into the studio booth, spending time in nature, and last but not least — just being at home in solitude w/ some r&b jams playing. relaxation + rest are very important to me.. life is all about balance and you don’t ever want to get burnt out (i’ve been there), we must take care of ourselves and listen to our bodies. When I’m ‘putting on my free’ there’s nothing that can bring me out of that peace. So many more things are freeing, It’s just up to us to take that time for ourselves and remember to indulge in it, we deserve it. 

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